Rez designer's best is yet to come

"The next game will be the best game in my career", Mizuguchi tells CVG

Rez and Space Channel 5 fans will be excited to hear that ex-UGA boss Tetsuya Mizuguchi is determined to make his next project even better than his previous cult classics, as he revealed in a recent interview with CVG.

"I hope the next game will be the best game in my career." "This coming year and the next I'm concentrating solely on game making in a director's role. It will be my last hurrah," he joked.

But the burning question fans will be asking is 'is it Rez 2?' "I'm really aggressive to make the next game - It's a big motivation to me, to create something. I always have the concept and the ideas - I'm always thinking about what kind of game I should make if I get to make Rez 2. ""I don't know if the next game should be Rez 2 or some new title. I have a big reason to make that kind of new experience because technology is changing; hi-res, 7.1 surround. I'm ready to go." And we're ready to play.

Check out the full interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi for the rest.