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CVG's Ones to Watch 2007

Feature: Personal recommendations for the year ahead

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What? Mass Effect (Xbox 360)
Who? Andy Robinson - Xbox Channel Editor

BioWare's next great RPG has been at the top of our most wanted list ever since we got a glimpse of its gorgeous "digital actors" mid-performance at last year's E3 (RIP).

And it's not just pretty either - Mass Effect promises an endless amount of worlds to explore and an intricate combat system with extensive weapon customisation. BioWare's deepest character interaction yet is on the cards and it has a plot that will potentially span three whole games as well as downloadable episodes bridging the sequels.

When you take into account that this is the studio that brought us the brilliant Knights of the Old Republic and Baldur's Gate among many others - some of the greatest role-playing games of recent years - it's pretty clear that Mass Effect has a good chance of turning out to be the most stunning game of 2007.

What?Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
Who? Mike Jackson - Nintendo Channel Editor

Super Mario Galaxy is so much more than just another Mario game. It's the game that will redeem Mario's 3D platforming career after what I (and many Mario fans) thought was a disappointing turnout in Super Mario Sunshine.

It's the game that will prove what the Wii is capable of, not just gameplay-wise but graphically - the bump-mapped textures, lighting and draw distances look fantastic. And finally it looks like the game that will take Mario back to his old-school principles - platforming. It's going to set new standards for innovation, and for Wii gaming in general, mark my words...

What? Pippa Funnell 3: The Golden Stirrup Challenge (PC)
Who? Andrew Taylor - Technical Assistant

I was torn between the horse sim and White Van Racer 2 for sometime now but my real passion has been horse riding from an early age. Pippa Funnell is a personal hero of mine, I'm flabbergasted by the confident way she controls the big horsey. I aspire to be that confident on horseback, you know. I'm really looking forward to taking care of an adorable foal, for the first time too. The thing that tipped it for me was review. Here it is in full: "Featuring Pippa Funnell!" I don't know about you, but that tells me everything I need to know. I can't wait.

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