Another cat-filled Nintendogs clone on the way

Crave Entertainment joins the virtual pet rush with cat sim, Purr Pals for DS

After the huge success of Nintendogs, the clones were inevitable to flood in by the dozen and the new kitten simulator, Purr Pals, is one of many to hit DS this year.

You'll be able to adopt 40 different breeds of kitten, using the stylus to pet, feed and play with your feline friend until your animal-loving heart's content.

You won't have to worry about the randomness of getting a real pet because Purr Pals will let you modify the personality traits of your little kittens. Surely that's cheating.

Just like Nintendogs, the game will use the DS microphone for voice commands to control your pet, and will include the increasingly obligatory mini games mode to tuck into.

So, pretty similar to Nintendogs. And with Konami's own pet sim, GoPets, on the way DS will continue to do well with a mainstream, polygonal animal-loving girls.

Purr Pals is due out in the US in March. We expect a UK will follow shortly after.