Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars

What does the sound of a million Spartans cacking it sound like? a bit like this...

Welcome to a world turned upside down by civilisation's endless thirst for a valuable commodity. This quest for power has come at great cost to the environment - perhaps damaging it beyond all repair. The people live in a constant manufactured fear, their only hope being that their government of choice outsmarts the opposition on the battlefield. But enough politics for now: let's talk about Command & Conquer instead. Ho ho!

Tiberium is a crystalline subject so powerful and in such demand that it commands its own Command & Conquer sub-series. And here, for the first time on 360, is the third such title. "What is Tiberium, and why is it coveted so?" we hear you ask? "Shut up and listen", you hear us reply. As the C&C canon goes, Tiberium first arrived on our jolly green planet back in 1995, a meteor shower being its vessel of choice. Small traces of the subject were found in rural Italy, a discovery which didn't go down too well once the substance's alarming physical properties were finally revealed.


Here's mankind's beef with Tiberium: a small trace of the green crystal is capable of spreading over acres of land, sucking up the 'good stuff' from the soil using its underground roots and rendering the land as about as useful as a nymph in an anti-smoking seminar.

That's not good. Even less good: this chemical reaction forms a gas which is highly toxic to all carbon-based life forms. Oh no, that's the word, as So Solid Crew once so eloquently put it.

You'd think everyone would club together to rub this translucent menace off the face of the earth. But no - Tiberium has potent mutagenic abilities which render it extremely desirable for a number of nefarious uses, so what we instead get is an intense war between two different factions to control the harvesting of the 'crops' - the factions being the Global Defence Initiative, the United Nations' military, and the Brotherhood of Nod, who for all intents and purposes are a terrorist group. Here's where you come in: C&C has you picking a side and building up your militia, attempting to harvest the Tiberium (which doubles up as the in-game currency) and turning the war to your advantage, in full-on RTS style.

Here's where we're at in C&C3. It's the year 2047 and the 'Nod have obtained the rank of superpower, while the GDI have been reduced to a talk shop (much like the real UN then. Ho ho! We're here all issue!). This unlikely turn of events is due to the vast majority of the Earth's surface being uninhabitable due to Tiberium contamination. But when the 'Nod launches a nuclear attack on the GDA, the RTS Wars start all over again...