Activision doubles Nintendo support

Fiscal year 08 to see Activision ramp up game releases for Wii and DS

In response to the commercial success of Wii and DS, Activision, the company which had the most Wii titles available at launch, will double its support for Nintendo consoles.

During a conference call to analysts, Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick, said: "Activision recognised the Wii opportunity, and we had one of the largest lineups at launch. In fiscal 08, we will double our product offerings on Wii and DS as we plan to be even more successful on these platforms."

Along with announcing that the currently Wii-exclusive Tony Hawks Downhill Jam will be ported to Wii, he goes on to say: "To date, there has been strong consumer response to all three next-generation consoles, which truly are delivering new gaming experiences to broader, more diverse audiences than ever before."