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Nintendo closes Nintendo Power

... but not the one you're thinking of

It's a sad day for Nintendo fans, as the Kyoto games giant has announced the closure of Nintendo Power, the Super Famicom and Game Boy store download service previously available in Japan. Phew...

The Nintendo Power service allowed Japanese gamers to download various Super Famicom and Game Boy games onto special flash RAM cartridges, via shop download kiosks - and due to their single-state nature piracy wasn't much of a problem either.

A similar service for the Nintendo 64, 'iQue' was launched in China in 2003.

Various classics such as Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 1-3 and Kirby's Dream Course were available on the service, but download kiosks (the ones left anyway) needed to attain the ROMs are now being dragged out of Japanese stores and taken to the big Shibuya corner shop in the sky.

Japanese-savy readers can check out what's left of the official Nintendo Power website here. Sniff.