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No Ninja Gaiden Sigma for 360

Director Yosuke Hayashi tells CVG that rumours aren't true

Rumours of an Xbox 360 version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma have been smacked down by the game's director.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is the upcoming remake of the awesome Ninja Gaiden Black that launched to critical acclaim back on Xbox a few years ago.

Yes, we're MASSIVE fans of the game (second best Xbox game behind Halo in our book) and can't wait to see what Tecmo has planned for the sequel. We might even play the original over the weekend again to remind ourselves.

But before that there'll be Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3. And only PS3, by the looks of it. In an upcoming interview with director Yosuke Hayashi, he told CVG that whispers of a secret 360 version already in development were nothing more than rumours.

Hayashi said, "I would take that rumour as proof that people's expectations for Sigma must be very high. But it is just a rumour." So nothing at the moment, but it doesn't sound like an outright flat denial to us.

Look out for our full interview with Ninja Gaiden Sigma later today.