MTO makes Pokémon with dinosaurs

New monster collect-'em-up takes the Pokémon formula back to Jurassic times

D3Publisher will unleash its own Pokémon-style adventure in the form of Fossil League: Dino Tournament Championship.

When it comes to cloning a franchise, Fossil League takes it to the extreme. You play as a boy called Taiga who travels through time to complete his Dinopedia by collection dinosaurs.

Once you catch the ferocious lizards, you can train them up but putting them into battle with other dinos in a turn-based battle system that is just like Pokémon, except it's in 3D.

The game plays the educational card, because it's full of real facts about the dinos that you catch, but no-one cares about that. What you will care about is the multiplayer mode which lets you play others in quirky mini games, but not swap beasts like in Pokémon. Hmmm...

Look out for Fossil League on shelves in April, for the cheaper-than-usual price of £19.99.

And eat our 95(!) screenshots.