All aboard the PlayStation 3 bus, next stop: FUN

Heeeeeey. Andy here, with a delicious Friday afternoon blog.

It's party time here in the PSM3 office. I've been guiding a ball through a maze of holes in Sonic the Hedgehog on PS3 - which I earlier proclaimed to be 'a shit game developed by c***s', but am now sort of enjoying - and we're listening to '80s futurist electro. Oi oi!

Anyway, I've got some HOT news in my pocket. From tomorrow morning high street superchain Game will be taking pre-orders for PS3. So get there sharpish to avoid any upsets come the 23rd.

Oh! Now we're listening to Duran Duran. This is it. This is literally it. We are having more fun than anyone has ever had ever.

In other, brilliant news, I'm shooting off to Japan in just over a week to see an AMAZING new game. Can't say what, but it will be brilliant.

Christ, this blog is like Andy Hour. I'll log off now. Take it easy boys and girls and I'll catch you on the flipside. (see you later).