Indiana Jones

The only Doctor that comes armed with a whip and a stetson...

Euphoria. Make a mental note, because you're going to be hearing a lot more of that word over the coming months. One, because for anyone even remotely interested in the world's greatest adventurer (sorry, Lara), the sight of Dr Jones on next gen should be enough to induce - as the dictionary says - "a feeling of great (usually exaggerated) elation". And two, because it's the name of LucasArts' self-created development tool, the beating heart at the centre of the most realistic, most remarkable Indiana Jones title yet.

Yep: remarkable. Because, while little or no gameplay has been seen of Indy on 360, a tech demo has. And with its "digital molecular matter materials" system (translation: the most realistic particle physics ever) and animation so real and free-flowing you'll be rubbing the disbelief from your eyes, a lot of the hard work is done. Things explode. People crumple into a heap. Barrels roll. Masonry breaks. Fingers move individually on triggers. Indy Next looks, moves and feels like the films.

Will a great engine be enough? No. But with their engine, LucasArts are making a statement of intent. There's no messing this time. No half-arsed Emperor's Tomb-style arcade beat-'em-up nonsense. This is the real deal. Combat will be hard, brutal and sharp. And exploration will be versatile, broad and ambitious. Watch it really close.