The Club

Like no club we've ever been to...

Pulling a handbrake turn away from the seminal driving games that have propelled the Liverpool studio into one of the most important developers in the world comes Bizarre's The Club. An unashamedly arcade-style shooter, it mixes quick fire, rapid gunfights with a Running Man-style story. And it goes like this: The Club is a very brutal, underground, sport where criminals have to shoot it out for cash and kicks while a bloodthirsty online community back their favourite gunslingers.

You'll be thrown in at the bottom, as Prey. Prey means you're basically cannon fodder thrown into the dark, sinister environments to fight for your life. You'll have to prove your skill to level up to Hunter, the psychopaths paid to slaughter the Prey. And finally, after that, you become a Moneyman, the bookmakers running the show.

Bizarre's FPS brings the kudos philosophy behind Gotham into the shooting arena and The Club is designed to provide brief spells of intense firefights where your focus isn't on being stealthy or thinking out your every move, but instinctively chaining kills together to rack up points. Beating your own score and climbing online rankings is set to add tons of replayability to the mix - your performance as a gun-toting blammo-purveyor is evaluated as you're ranked alongside killers the world over. Very like the Project Gotham leaderboard, in fact. And of course Deathmatches are promised online - but knowing Bizarre like we do, expect a twist.