Marvel Universe Online

We spidey-sense it later in the year...

Microsoft has had its beady eyes on the success of World of Warcraft for years now and, despite several off-the-record (and so far unsuccessful) attempts to get developers Blizzard onboard with a 360 version, the idea of a subscription-based MMO still appealed.

So, while we wouldn't quite rule out WoW still landing on 360, in the mean-time MS are going to make their own way, teaming with Marvel and Cryptic Studios, developer of award-winning and brilliant PC MMO City of Heroes.

Inviting the Marvel world onto their platform has allowed the Cryptic team unprecedented access to the Marvel back catalogue, with the rights to use any (or, tantalisingly, all) of their 5000 characters. The potential here is huge because, with a raft of servers likely, it could in theory mean that everyone can have their own unique character.

Which is great until you realise everyone's likely to be fighting over Wolverine, Spidey and Iceman. That means some poor sod, somewhere, is going to have to be The Slug... whose only power is his gargantuan fat. If you're lucky, you could go on capers with The Thin Man, who is really thin, to make the least plausible crime fighting duo since Turner and Hooch.

Truth is, no one's entirely sure how it's going to play out character-wise, but it's safe to assume that there'll be customisation options, and perhaps even actual character creation, to prevent monthly fee payers having to play as the same lookey-likey heroes.
What's more certain is that you'll be mobbing up and questing through what's promised to be a graphically glorious world to create your own stories. And downloadable content in the form of new maps, costumes and weapons are going to be thrust in your face on a regular basis to help the community keep evolving (...and make Uncle Bill a fat wodge of dollars too).