Too Human

We're Impatient for Silicon Knight's next - we're only human, after all.

Six long years. That's how long fans of Silicon Knights' vampiric adventure Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain had to wait before getting their hands on the Canadian code-bearer's next project, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Not that there were many fans left waiting, it would seem - their 2002 Lovecraft-inspired third-person mind-spinner tanked spectacularly. Which was a bit of a shame; it was a truly wonderful scare-a-palooza which used the 'fourth place' brilliantly to disorientate the player (the game would deliberately 'crash' and display error messages solely to freak you out). It deserves a bigger showcase than the narrow Gamecube audience it reached.

What we can take from this is two things: one, Silicon Knights like to take their time, and two, everything they touch turns to gold. Which is why you should forget everything you saw last year from Too Human. Everything. Do you remember the awful camera, the bland environments and the generic combat? Well, if you do, you shouldn't have as we told you, just a second ago, that you should forget everything.

See, Too Human was a casualty of the false deadline that the annual E3 used to pose to developers: under pressure from Microsoft and eager to show something off to the public, Silicon Knights made the mistake of pushing out a version before it was ready, and it was difficult at best to pull positives from the demo - like trying to make a chicken casserole from an egg.

When you see as many games in an unfinished state as we do, you learn to appreciate that games aren't made level by level; it's a building block process and sometimes no-one - not even the developers - has even the slightest clue as to how it will really turn out until the deadline is right around the corner. So that's why we draw your attention to not only the extortionate developmental times surrounding Blood Omen and Eternal Darkness, but also their undeniable quality, with the latter outing being particularly impressive considering it was originally dreamed up for the N64. Parallels here with Too Human, which began life as a multi-disk epic for the PSOne. Silicon Knights maintain this is their ultimate game, and to be honest, that's good enough for us. A demo nearly two years removed from the final project tells us nothing, and it won't be 'til later in 2007 when we really begin to see what this baby is all about. And, honestly? We expect it to be absolutely bloody blinding.