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May Or May Not feature Blammo-Saurus Rex

Once upon a time, Turok was a comic based on the adventures of a pre-Columbian native American who wound up trapped in a lost valley populated with dinosaurs, relying on his wits and primitive weapons like bows and arrows to survive. Fast-forward five decades and that vision has been gradually perverted down the years by numerous (and in truth, variable in quality) games culminating with its final and total obliteration by next gen debutantes Propaganda who've ripped it up and stuffed in your usual sci-fi FPS elements. Out goes our noble Indian hero, in comes, er, Joseph Turok, a futuristic - yep - special forces soldier wielding flamethrowers, machine guns and bazookas charged with waging war on a human enemy while the trademark dinosaurs provide a non- discriminating extra enemy/fodder.

The latest incarnation of Turok is now a mix of Jurassic Park, Far Cry, Dead Rising and next gen genero-shooter. Dead Rising? Well, not content with dinosaurs being fricking cool already, Propaganda in their infinite wisdom have decided they need a little more oomph - namely, evil scientists meddling with them to turn them into biono-saurs, a more powerful match for men with the latest in heavy assault weaponry. Thankfully this doesn't mean velociraptors equipped with lasers, but it has warped them, making them more zombie-like, with dead devil eyes gleaming menacingly from deep within the ravaged, brutalised skin. But it's not merely the undead appearance of these actually dead animals that reflects the zombie influence running through Turok - there's a survival horror aspect to this sci-fi shooter. Thanks to weird science, these over-blown Barneys are stronger, madder and more bloodthirsty, so you won't always have the firepower to take down that ever-so-slightly-hungry T-Rex that towers over you. Fight, flight or distraction help bring the element of fear/awe of the resurrected prehistoric beasts. At least that's the plan...