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Medal of Honor Vanguard

World War Number 2 is the conflict that never ends in the world of videogames

You've got to give EA a bit of credit. Like Ubisoft, they seem to be making a whole lot of effort to support the Wii2, even setting up a development studio dedicated solely to Nintendo's new console.

And, along with The Godfather: Blackhand Edition and SSX Blur, Medal Of Honor: Vanguard is a Wii-exclusive game, one that's been designed specifically with the remote and nunchuk in mind. It's not a port of Airborne, the next instalment on rival consoles; nope, it's all-new. How nice.

Just dropping in
That said, it seems to share some similarities with Airborne, as it's all about paratroopers. Stepping into the shoes of one Frank Keegan, a corporal of the 82nd Airborne division, you're involved in a number of missions, from Operation Husky in Sicily to Operation Varsity in Germany.

Airborne's claim to fame is that you parachute into engagements from a plane, meaning you can land pretty much anywhere in the combat arena and fight your way to your objective; we're hoping you'll be able to do the same here.

Our excitement, however, is tempered slightly by the somewhat compromised port of Activision's Call Of Duty 3 - this really does have to be a lot better than that 80%-er if it's going to blow our socks off.

Mind you, with guff like Far Cry Vengeance stinking up the Wii's first-person shooter roster, Vanguard won't have to do too much to be top of the heap so far...