Alien Syndrome

New alien shooter coming at you in full chest-bursting glory

Ridley Scott would have done well to cast his eye across arcades in 1987 as Sega's Alien Syndrome ripped-off/paid homage to ace sci-fi Alien, with distinctly H R Giger-ish alien designs and a hard-as-nails female character available in two-player co-op mode. Now it's 20 years later, and Sega is face-hugging the Wii, laying a new Alien Syndrome terror deep in its stomach.

Playing as female soldier Ellen Ripley, sorry, Aileen Harding, players will again progress through a - now in glitzy 3D-o-vision - top-down viewed world, only with an extra helping of RPG on the side to pad out the original's simple run-and-gunnery. Skills and abilities will be learned as you churn through the alien masses, though the RPG elements promise not to be too stats heavy, ditching pernickety rulebooks to make more space for fire-geyser grenades, quad-barrelled lasers and - oh yes - enemy-dissolving nanobot swarms.

The life of a female warrior - that actually looks like a man - can be lonely, so developers have given her a robot companion who will contribute light robotic duffings and weapon upgrade services - a bit like Dorothy and Tin Man on a murderous rampage.

Full use of motion sensors is promised, perhaps with the remote taking weapon aiming duties and movement mapped on to the nunchuk, plus four-player co-operative play - so you and your friends can finally find out who best fits Sigourney Weaver's massive man-sized shoes.