Case Closed

Detective Conan grabs his remote

The anime series, better known as Detective Conan in Japan, is so hugely popular that the annual movie spinoff has been among the top-grossing box office hits for each of the last 10 years. As Case Closed, it found only modest success with disinterested Western audiences, but this videogame version sounds quite intriguing.

It's a sort of cross between Phoenix Wright and Trauma Center. Super sleuth Conan is attending the opening ceremony of an amusement park when Bad Things start to happen and a murderous illusionist wreaks a little havoc. Using the Wii remote to pick up and examine objects, the game is all about searching for clues, gathering evidence and using one-handed dexterity to solve ingenious puzzles.

We're hoping it gets a UK release despite us Euro folk not digging the anime.