Cooking Mama Cook Off

Now with two players - because there's no point cooking for one, is there?

With the DS original having established the concept of virtual cookery, we're really looking forward to getting our hands covered in flour, butter and fish guts with the Wii version.

The aim is much the same as before. Mama gives instructions on how to prepare a dish and you try to follow without doing the kind of mess-ups that make her eyes go all fiery.

But it's massively expanded, featuring a wide range of international dishes, realistic graphics for the ingredients and full-on preparatory work involving pulling slimy things out of dead animals. Mama tells it like it is - you won't find any ready meals here.

The Wii remote is used in Wario Ware style, so you have to adjust your grip depending on whether you're rolling, kneading, cutting, pouring or whatever. There's a lot more to do than there is in the DS game.

Computer opponents will challenge you to prepare special recipes faster than they can, or you can rope in another player and battle it out over any of the dishes you've unlocked.

Whether it's got staying power is another matter, but it's a great idea with super-cute presentation.