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Bionicle Heroes

It's the Lego robots that have their foes bricking it

Detesters of gobbledygook sci-fi fantasy terminology beware. Bionicle is coming to the Wii, bringing its army of Microsoft Word spellchecker-upsetting characters with it. The Toa Inika, the Piraka and the island of Voya Nui; they're all here and they've all got squiggly red lines under them.

Robots in no disguise
Get past the vaguely nonsensical outer shell and there's plenty to look forward to, with Bionicle Heroes coming from the same minds that brought us the utterly charming Lego Star Wars - a game it resembles quite closely.

With a Resident Evil 4-aping over-the-shoulder view, players employ the same character switching mechanic seen in Lego Star Wars - picking up Toa masks that litter the landscapes and pulling the good ol' Face-Off head switcheroo to adopt the appearance and abilities of the other Toa. Of particular use is Toa Hewkii, an inventor of sorts who can activate structures required to progress - practically a carbon copy of Lego Star Wars' tried and tested 'certain characters for certain situations' formula.

An addition that has been made, however, is Bionicle's 'Hero Mode'. Collecting Lego pieces lets you enter this state of invincibility, in which you glow a golden hue and develop the ability to activate 'constractions' previously cold to your, er, cold plastic touch. Will it build enough on the Lego base? We'll have to wait and see.