Mercury Meltdown Revolution

About as much fun as you can have with mercury without sticking a thermometer into the eye of someone you hate

First Kororinpa rolls in, now Mercury Meltdown Revolution slurps in our door, ready to bamboozle us with its unique brand of maze tilt-ery. We used our silver tongues to get the lowdown from Ignition's studio manager Ed Bradley.

Do you think Mercury has found its proper tilty-home on Wii?

Ed Bradley: Yes. There was a definite feeling of "at last!" when we got to play the game using the Wii remote. We're also supporting the Classic controller though, in case there are any weirdos out there who don't like to tilt.

Why should Mercury-newbies be excited?

Ed Bradley: There's nothing else like it! Screenshots and videos give you part of the idea but you have to roll that blob around for a while to really 'get it'. It's fun and still challenging enough to make you swear a lot. And you'll be thankful you upgraded the wrist-strap when the urge to chuck the controller through the nearest window strikes.

Got a New Year's resolution we can help with?

Ed Bradley: Lose weight. You can help me by coming to my house and claiming you can beat me at Wii Sports. Such RIDICULOUS CLAIMS will only lead to several sweaty hours of healthy competition. Followed by you losing.
Can we expect Mercury multiplayer?
We weren't able to support this kind of thing in the first version due to limited development time. Next time maybe...

What fiendish levels can we expect?

Ed Bradley: There are too many to mention. Some of the level builders here have issues, I tell you.

Any chance of a DS version?

Ed Bradley: We'd love to do it. We have ideas and everything. Well, actually, just ideas at this point. So no promises. Sorry.

We'd like a mercury fact please. No using Wikipedia, now.

Ed Bradley: There is a substance known as 'Red Mercury'. Well, in fact there isn't as it was made up. It was allegedly used in making nuclear bombs and other explosives but turned out to be plain red dye and other boring powders.