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The Ant Bully

A blatant cash run for the next-gen

The best thing you can say about The Ant Bully is that Bruce Campbell got paid for it. After that, it goes downhill faster than an ant on a waterslide.

The Ant Bully on Wii is a sad creature. It's a port of a six-month-old GameCube game that was released as a tie-in with a major animated feature film. Usually, the best you can hope for with such things is an underwhelming 3D platformer that no one over the age of ten has any business playing: in that regard The Ant Bully doesn't disappoint.

You play as Lucas, whose anti-ant deeds have resulted in an unfortunate reduction in size. With staff and bow in hand, you must hop and bop your way across twenty missions in order to earn your ticket back to full human size.

To be fair, The Ant Bully is better on Wii than on the GameCube. Several glitches have been fixed, and while the remote functionality is limited, it works out well enough; you can aim with the remote, and control the camera by tilting the nunchuk.

Unfortunately, these measures are mere coats of polish on a terribly repetitive, inherently flawed experience. Younger children may love it to bits, but that's more due to its license than any sort of entertaining gameplay. Unless it's a gift for a cartoon-crazed niece or nephew, don't bother poking at The Ant Bully at all.

The verdict

Slightly better than the GC version, but that's not saying much. We'd much rather write about the genius of Bruce Campell.

Nintendo Wii
Action, Adventure