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Wii-exclusives for Spider-Man 3?

Leaked info reveals Wii specific content

The game profile page for Spider-Man 3 on the EB Games website suggests that the Wii version of Spiderman 3 will contain two extra characters: Morbius and Shriek.

The same EBGames page also contains a detailed list of features for the game. These include a new combat system, unique powers that differ when Spider-man changes from his normal suit to the new black one, and a Wii-specific control system that will give players the "sensation of swinging through the city via the Wii Remote".

Oblivious as to where the retail site obtained this information, with nothing regarding exclusive content having been officially announced, CVG went on the prowl.

Activision told CVG that the existence of these characters were not part of any official announcement made by Activision, and therefore suggested that EBGames' claim is mere rumour and speculation.

Could this be part of a leaked press release? We'll keep our ears close to the ground.