My Frogger Toy Trials

Toy frog Olympics? That's one to pond-er...

Crack out the party hats. Frogger has been in a permanent state of road kill for 25 years. Konami celebrate by freeing him from his Sisyphean road-crossing task and placing him in a series of trials set by a talking panda.

Frogger hops around dull isometric platform levels, but he can only jump forwards, needing shoulder button presses to change direction. Due to the rubbish graphics, you can't tell which way he's facing, repeatedly sending him face first into brick walls or the water which, somewhat defying all frog logic, makes him croak it.

The irritating one-hop-per-button-tap control scheme further breaks up fluidity of movement - not that any real grace is going to be needed to get past 'dastardly' challenges such as - be still our beating hearts - spiky wheels that methodically follow set paths. Touch screen-activated cannons and see-saws add to the timed jumping antics, and Frogger can be enhanced by dressing him up in various costumes - such as a chicken with an indestructible block destroying beak - but it never disguises the monotonous platforming heart of the game.

A bit of stylus-powered frog-in-a-ball rolling occasionally interrupts the bounding, but even this is clumsily controlled, with mad stroking more likely to erode your DS screen than get the spherical spawn of the devil to respond. You'll want to ribbit a new one.

The verdict

Has to be about the dullest 25th birthday party ever. Kudos granted for kicking the road-crossing habit but this is still too irritating to enjoy.

Nintendo DS