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Excite Truck

Short and sweet, it's by far the quickest fix for Wii racing fans

Being the fastest and most thrilling racing game currently available on Wii, Excite Truck certainly lives up to its name. Not only is it reasonably stimulating, it also features trucks - or at least the kind of four-wheel drive off-road vehicles Americans like to refer to as such.

What they don't tell you on the box is that if you buy it on Saturday afternoon it's likely to be pretty much done and dusted by teatime on Sunday, and therein lies a dilemma: how much gameplay do you expect for £40?

Because as much fun as throwing huge cars around even huger mountainous courses can be, the thrill of Excite Truck comes almost entirely from the kick you'll get out of sliding your vehicle around corners with the Wii remote and hitting 100 metres of air off the top of a jump. Not from heart-poundingly close battles with fiendish rivals.

It's easy - far too easy - but it's definitely fun. It looks great and it handles better than any other Wii racer thanks to its well-tuned tilt controls. It even has the option to replace the in-game music with an MP3 of your own, which is most welcome because the in-game music is spectacularly poor.

The omission of a proper high score table and time trial mode was sheer daftness on the part of the developers, but they did tuck away a surprising bonus course as a reward for finishing everything. Not that it'll take too long, but you'll have a good time while it lasts.

The verdict

Bigly enjoyable, tinily brief. If you've got the money, this is worth a punt but you'll wish there was a bit more to it. If nothing else, there's potential for a better sequel.

Nintendo Wii
Monster Games Inc.
Racing / Driving