Crayon Shin-Chan

A rather tedious and drawn-out experience

A young boy with a penchant for older women who regularly exposes his buttocks and genitals and refuses to let anyone to see him laughing. This is Japan's answer to South Park, the ever-so-disturbing Crayon Shin-Chan. The oddest thing of all, though, is that this risqué show was translated into such a tame dud of a minigame collection.

Talent shows
Set around a series of locations in the eponymous hero's home town you have to complete incredibly basic minigames as part of a TV quiz show. At home you water plants by aiming the hose with the remote pointer before playing 'What's the time, Mr Wolf?' with the family pooch by ironically waggling the remote to stay still. Hmm. The school playground sees you scooping balls from a ball pool before throwing them into a net. Turgid stuff.

The gym is packed with 'physically strenuous' tasks such as trampoline practice and waggling some kind of muscle-building stick up and down, which rewards you with an unneeded buttock reveal. Compared to the fitness modes on Wii Sports or WarioWare the simple remote gestures never threaten to exhaust; the only sweat you'll break is from enraged jumping around as you realise you've spent £26 on importing a piece of tat.

The verdict

With dialogue, this is probably a hilariously filthy/cheeky game that's lost in translation - but the minigames will still stink played in any language.

Nintendo Wii
Mini Games