"No plans" for Okami on Wii, says Capcom

Capcom UK plays down Okami Wii rumours

Capcom's epic PS2 adventure, Okami, could be making its way if recent internet rumours are to be believed.

An "industry insider" has told IGN that the Japan-based developer is "seriously considering" porting the late PS2 classic to Wii.

This report comes despite a Capcom representative telling the site that a port is unlikely considering Clover Studios, who developed the game, is closing next month.

CVG called Capcom UK in the hunt for more info but was given the same official line: "There are currently no plans to bring Okami to Wii."

But we remain stubbornly optimistic - many of the innovative gameplay mechanics in Okami would suit the Wii Remote perfectly.

Suffice to say we'll be keeping a keen ear out.