Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Preview: CVG takes a swing at Tiger Woods on Wii

Wii Sports not only demonstrated the potential of Wii's motion-detecting controller, but it also served as a blueprint for how future sports game should work on Wii.

Now we're waiting on dedicated titles for each sport and, no surprise, EA is the first to serve up a fully-fledged golf sim in the form of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07.

The control system is obvious - the Wii Remote becomes the club as you stand, serious-faced, in front of your TV and swing the Remote like you're Tiger himself.

Just like Wii Sports, you can prepare the perfect shot by tapping the minus button to engage practice mode, which lets you take a few trial swings without hitting the ball. Once you're all set, just hold the A button and swing to give the ball a good clout.

If you twist your wrist slightly as you swing you can put curve on the ball, as well as add top-spin and back-spin. Of course, you have to consider the wind direction and speed, which also affects your ball's trajectory.

This all sounds pretty intuitive, but it the whole system doesn't quite work as you would expect. Oddly the power you put into your shot depends not on how fast you swing the Remote, but on how far you raise the Remote behind you before swinging. Maybe there are some safety issues behind that decision?

So if you want to swing at full power, you raise the remote right up before you swing. But for half power you only raise the Remote back to just around hip-height.

To us that's totally illogical because, considering the Wii is intended to make games accessible to the whole family, if you give the Remote to your golf-loving granddad he will expect the speed of his arm movements to convert into his in-game shot - as it is in Wii Sports Golf.

Even if you were to take this power-selecting system as it is, you would expect the motion detection to be AT LEAST in line with Wii Sports. You can see even the most subtle of movements being mimicked on screen in Wii Baseball and Wii Golf. The version of Tiger Woods we played wasn't nearly as responsive.

We found it a struggle to hit shots in a straight line because the Remote had to be held DEAD level throughout the shot - near impossible when you want to get stuck in with a hearty swing. We're humans. Not robots, OR real golfers for that matter.

We expected Wii Tiger Woods to be easier and more intuitive; fact is it's hard as nails.

We do bear in mind however, that the version we played was not the final game and could receive a considerable amount of polish before it hits shops on March 16.

The other good news is that even if the Wii Remote controls do end up disappointing, the game has a Nunchuk control option which allows you to swing with the analogue stick as done on other consoles.

That obviously wipes out any control issues and lets you enjoy the solid game of golf that the Tiger Woods games are known for being. Controls aside, Tiger Woods on Wii has all the same options as the version that released on other consoles late last year. This includes the Tiger Challenge mode, which has you competing in golf matches around the world to win the chance to challenge the Tiger-tron himself.

We'll be hounding EA for a finished copy of the game to see if any of the control issues are sorted. Fingers crossed, eh?