Okami developer reborn

Ex-Clover refugees, including Resident Evil and Viewtiful Joe creators, form independent Studio 'Seeds'

Ex-employees of the recently-closed Capcom subsidiary Clover have banded together to form a new independent studio, Seeds.

Among the Clover refugees are Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, Viewtiful Joe mastermind Atsushi Inaba and Devil May Cry boss Hideki Kamiya, all who obviously had a big influence over the ex-Okami developer's work.

On the freshly-launched company website, Seeds say that "a renewed spirit" has spurred them to "challenge the world of entertainment" once more.

"Although we alight upon a different earth, even though the soil is different, our hearts -- closely pursuing the dream of "play" -- have not changed," the site reads, thanks to a NeoGAF translation.

"We are currently searching far and wide for people who want to work alongside us," the page continues. "For people who want to build their future. People who are currently making games elsewhere. Would you like to make some "preposterously amazing" games with us?" We've already put in our application - just don't tell the boss.

Clover's last game the excellent PS2 adventure Okami was released in the UK last week, and you can read the review here.