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DVD-playing Wii mod chip fake?

New mod-chip claims to allow DVD-playback on Wii

Since news of the first Wii mod chip, Wiinja, arose last month, competing hackers have stormed the net with Wii-cracking alternatives, but none with such an attractive proposal as the WiiXT.

This latest mod chip claims to, among other things, enable your Wii to play DVD video discs. If true, this is a major revelation for Wii owners that wished Nintendo had included the most basic of multimedia functions with Wii in the first place.

It also claims to be region free, and operate in stealth mode which renders it undetectable by any anti-modding software Nintendo may release.

However, phony announcements are a common occurrence in the modding scene. Until a chip is shown and tested, you have to take the 'creator's' word for it.

Reader comments posted in the report on Engadget downplay the chip's authenticity: "Just the fact that they claim stealth + region free is bull, if region free were enabled the stealth goes out the window. Believe me, its total bull", says one poster.

Another says: "It wouldn't work. The drive spins counter-clockwise." DVD discs spin clockwise when read, in case you didn't know.

We don't make a habit of opening consoles to find out which way the disc spins. But if you are one of those modding types, let others know if you think the WiiXT could be for real.

If the chip is real it will go on sale for around the $60 mark soon.