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Giant mech battle commences on PS3 in April

Armoured Core 4 kicks off the fight in time for spring - new screens inside

505 Games' mech fighting game, Armoured Core 4, will touch down on PS3 on April 27, just over a month after the console's European launch.

Armoured Core 4 promises to use the extra grunt offered by PS3 not only to look better than previous incarnations, but also to allow players to interact with the environments during battle.

This will, for example, enable you to destroy a wall to let extra light into a dark area or leap into water to hide just under the rippling haze on the surface, waiting to ambush an enemy. If Armoured Core 4 pulls off the fast, adrenalin-charged gameplay promised (i.e. not a bore like Chrome Hounds), we'll be looking forward to getting the full game in our hands.

Check out the screens by clicking the thumbnails below.