US VC gets Streets of Rage

Along with New Adventure Island, The Legend of Kage and the late-arriving Donkey Kong Country

Today's update of the American Virtual Console saw four more classics join the growing selection of retro treats on Wii.

Streets of Rage on Megadrive (Genesis) has finally made an appearance, which will please those who've been waiting in anticipation since the title appeared on the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) website several weeks ago.

You play as bad-ass fighters Adam, Axel or Blaze as you take to the run-down urban streets to kick the crap out of a criminal society that has taken over the city. The wreck-able scenery and outrageous fighting skills make this one of the best old-school scrolling fighters around.

Super NES platformer, Donkey Kong Country, has also made it across the pond more than two months after appearing on the European Virtual Console on the console's December 8 launch.

Legend of Kage (NES) is a ninja-themed fighting game which was originally released in the arcades in 1985. You play as Kage and fight your way through forests and castles to save a princess who's being held by some evil bloke called Yohshirou Yukikusa.

And New Adventure Island (Turbografx) makes a welcome appearance - a classic platformer starring the odd, baseball cap-wearing caveman, Master Higgins, in an nutty animal-killing platformer.

But that isn't the game in the Adventure Island/Wonder Boy series we've been looking out for. "It's all about Wonder Boy 3" says CVG editor, Gavin Ogden. "It's better than Zelda."

Feel free to bash him in the comments below.

DKC and Streets of Rage cost 800 Wii Points. New Adventure Island will set you back 600 Points, and The Legend of Kage costs 500.