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Dark Resurrection squares up on PS3

New screens of the latest arcade/PSP Tekken romp running on PS3

As Tekken fans wait with baited breath for the next episode of the series, Tekken 6, to arrive, Sony hopes this PS3 port of the latest arcade, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, will tide you over.

The 1080p-compatible port of Dark Resurrection will be made available as a download on the North American PlayStation Store.

As well as the crisp resolution, PS3 owners will also be able to play as Jinpachi Mishima, a boss character that was unplayable in the arcade version.

Checking out the screens, you can see it lacks the super-spit and polish of PS3 games, and Tekken 6 - the game we're really waiting for - will inevitably look a lot better.

The game is already available on the Japanese PlayStation Store. A UK announcement is yet to be made.