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Clover devs working on Resident Evil 5

Capcom re-shuffle puts ex-Clover developers to work on new Resi and Inafune Wii title

Capcom refugees from the recently-closed Okami developer Clover have been moved to work on Resident Evil 5 and Keiji Inafune's mysterious Wii project, Capcom has confirmed.

"Some of the team that worked on Clover titles are now helping Takeuchi-san on Resident Evil 5, helping Inafune-san on a new title for the Wii", Capcom's vice president of marketing Charles Bellfield reveals to

"I think it's very much the skill set still stays in the company when those individuals stay and, unfortunately, three individuals chose to leave," he said, referring to Clover veterans Shinji Mikami, Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya who left Capcom to form new studio Seeds.

"What actually happened is Mikami-san, Kamiya-san and Inaba-san chose to leave the company and do something else and the rest of the Clover team was just incorporated back into the rest of Capcom's development talent pool," he says.

Apparently the move wouldn't have a caused a big shake-up for the respective teams, because Capcom doesn't have dedicated strict boundaries between its development teams. "Everybody does work on a variety of content and games at Capcom," Bellfield notes.

With a good few years of development and an even bigger team pushing things along, we can't wait to see what sort of state the new Resi is in. But will it be able to live up to number 4 without Mikami's direction? Our fingers are crossed.