Lord of the Rings Beta Keys Phase 3

New details on this week's LOTRO giveaway

Yup it's that time of the week again, when we're pleased to announce that a fresh batch of Lord of the Rings Online beta keys will be available again this Friday, exclusively on CVG.

We've already given away thousands of keys for the beta phase of Turbine and Codemasters' brand new WOW challenger in our first two giveaways, but we're pleased to announce that this Friday we'll be giving away another 1000 keys because we know some of you guys and gals are desperate for more LOTRO goodness.

Although this week's allocation is a smaller than previous giveaways, there's some big things happening behind the scenes with the game, with new worlds being brought online and code being brought up to date and next week, we'll be back with a truly massive allocation which be enough to have the hordes of Mordor quaking in their Orcish boots at the prospect of facing a wave of heroes.


Still, if you want to get into the game this weekend, it's all the more reason to make sure you're here at the head of the queue on Friday, when once again around noon UK time we'll lob 1000 keys on a first-come first-served basis.

We've included a couple of new shots from the game for you to enjoy today and don't forget we've got a great LOTRO competition currently underway where you can win Special Editions of the game, exclusive prints and concept artwork and a whole treasure trove of LOTRO goodies.

If you still need a big LOTRO fix, check out our previous coverage of LOTRO by simply sliding eyes right for movies, screens and special reports.

See you Friday!