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New Super Paper Mario screens of justice

Camera-swivelling genius and more giant sprite mayhem

We're so excited about Super Paper Mario that we can't help staring anxiously at every last screenshot released, the helpless retro whores we are.

These latest screens, uncovered by Famitsu, show one instance of how the camera-swivelling mechanic, which transforms the 2D gameplay into 3D, will work.

Mario comes to a gap far too large to jump. He's stuck. But when you swivel the camera, the new view reveals that the seemingly non-interactive background hills, which were nothing more than scenic decoration in old Mario games, actually form a path for Mario to walk along. Brilliant.


GIANT NES SPRITE Mario is also looking awesome, as is Bowser's flame breath power.

Despite being a GameCube pass-me-over, Super Paper Mario has the potential to be one of the best games on Wii this year.

The lucky Americans will be able to pick up their copies from April 9. A UK release is yet to be announced.