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Ocarina of Time graces UK VC

Link's N64 masterpiece hits Wii in glorious hi-res, along with Kid Icarus

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, one of the best games ever made, is now available to download on the UK Virtual Console.

This game needs no intro. If you've already played it you know how near perfect it is, and if you haven't you should download it now.

In fact, the only reason why you might be excused for not zapping this beauty down your internet pipe is if you own either of the Zelda bonus discs for GameCube, which already let you play the game in nice, sharp resolutions on the 'Cube and indeed Wii thanks to its backwards compatibility.

The best news is that the UK release of Ocarina has not suffered the same escalated price as the 1200-Wii Point Japanese version, costing 1000 Wii Points over here - as per usual for N64 games.

Kid Icarus, a quirky NES platformer, also appeared in the latest update. You take control of the arrow-firing angel, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl newcomer, Pit. That'll set you back 500 Wii Points.

Happy gaming.