New Tomb Raider Anniversary trailer

Sweet in-game footage, official website launched

This new trailer for Tomb Raider Anniversary is a nostalgic trip for veteran Lara fans as it shows in-game footage of old-school Lara leaping around the classic tombs of her debut title.

Tomb Raider Anniversary is a massively updated and re-worked remake of the Original Tomb Raider game that made Lara the star she is today.

If you're really hardcore you might even be able to recognise some of the areas in this trailer, only now they look bigger and far better on the PS2 hardware than they did a decade ago.

As we said in our hands-on preview, with updated graphics and controls incorporated into legendary original game, TRA could be the best in the series.

The official Tomb Raider Anniversary website has launched today packing more info and other downloadable goodies.

The game is due out on PS2, PSP and PC in summer 2007.