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Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting

The 2D legend punches its way onto Xbox Live Arcade

The crazy-retro trend on Xbox Live carries on with the ultimate beat 'em up. For those who don't know, this is the version with all the bosses as playable characters, so you get access to Sagat, Vega, M Bison and Balrog.

There's various modes in there as well, a Training mode, a CPU battle mode, the usual Arcade world tour (with the classic cheesy endings) and of course the world-famous Versus mode.

It's the Xbox Live mode that will be new to old 'Street Fighting' hands. The new ranking system for online play stores all sorts of data on how you've performed, what your ranking is, what the average ranking of the people you've played is, and so on. There's an interesting Quarter mode, with winner-stays-on combat between five people, and the system seems lag-free producing nearly fair results, even if the game is unbalanced.


In terms of achievements, the focus is evenly divided between online and offline modes. If you've completed every stage of the game using every character without losing a round, you'd notch up a hundred points or so.
Is it worth the money? If you've a nostalgic bone in your body that needs breaking, this is the game.

The verdict

The best fighting game ever made. Period!

Xbox Live Arcade
Beat 'em Up