Bethesda Interview: Part II

Exclusive chat with the makers of Shivering Isles continues...

Here it is - as promised! The second part of our exclusive chat with Shivering Isles lead designer Mark Nelson. Don't forget: the next issue of Xbox World 360 is onsale THIS THURSDAY. That's the 1st March, fact fans.

XBOX WORLD 360: Tell us about the enemies in Shivering Isles - what can we expect?

MARK NELSON: There are a bunch of new creatures that the player will encounter in the expansion, and they have some abilities unlike any creatures in the core game. One set of creatures, for example, is amphibious, and actually begins to regenerate health when they return to the water. Another creature is dangerous even after it's been defeated, as it releases a burst of frost as it dies.

XBOX WORLD 360: Burst of frost? Cool! Er, so tell us a bit about the challenges involved in creating something as broad as this, because it's much more than a mere add-on? Is it like doing a new game all over again?

MARK NELSON: It's a pretty massive undertaking, to be sure. This expansion has more content than a lot of full games that are released these days. It's always a challenge to come up with new things for the player to do, while still retaining the feel of the original game that people have come to love. I think we've done a good job with it here, though. It's not quite like doing a new game, since the technology is stable when you're working on an expansion. Still, it requires a great deal of effort to create all the new art, animations, and quests to fill out an entirely new world.

XBOX WORLD 360: Okay. We have top ask. What's up next for the world of Elder Scrolls?

MARK NELSON: Right now, we don't have any plans to do any future expansions for the game.

XBOX WORLD 360: Which means you have, right?

MARK NELSON: (Silence)