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Pinball FX

Because it just ain't an arcade without one...

Check it out! A Live Arcade game that doesn't require you to control a spaceship with the left analogue stick and fire with the right. This is a break from that 'norm' we've all become accustomed to - this is... er, pinball.

It's been a while now (a ten-year while) since we've been graced with a decent pinball game, but it looks like Zen Studios have managed it.
Featuring three different tables in the 800 MSpoint pickup and promises of more to follow via download, Pinball FX is very much all that you'd expect from a pinball game. Nothing varies a great deal across each table you play (apart from a few different animations and sounds) but that's not the point; this is good old-fashioned high-score-racking at its best.


Real-time Live play is supported, where players game simultaneously (although not on the same table) in a race to the highest score, and the Live Vision camera mapping control of the flippers to your flapping hands Totem Ball-style is a nice, yet tiring touch.

It's a great addition to XBLA and one that stands out amongst the crowd thanks to a level of quality that would support a full price game in itself. Great-looking and unhampered by a dodgy screen layout, there's no reason at all why this won't be one you keep firing up for one more play.

The verdict

A nice stab at that pinball 'thang' that, with a big enough telly, works well.

Xbox Live Arcade