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Street Trace NYC

Hoverboards, guns, nasty controls - this has 'em all.

The one thing missing from Live Arcade is hover-boards right? We've had guns, we've had racing, we've had deathmatches, we've even had futuristic visions of, er... the future - but never hoverboards. Thankfully, we can now all rest easy with the appearance of Street Trace NYC. A game that combines all of the above ingredients... badly.

It's not that we don't like hoverboards, guns, futuristic arenas, deathmatches and racing here; we love all that kind of stuff. It's just that Street Trace wades into this competitive arena with one hell of a trick up its sleeve - absolutely uncontrollable characters. Like, really. Similar in style to the late Dreamcast classic Trickstyle, 'Trace sees players battling it out in arenas armed to the back teeth with lasers, mines and rocket launchers, whilst whizzing around on floaty-light hoverboards. The problem is, much like in Full Auto, the game can't really decide whether it wants you to concentrate on aiming and firing, or weaving and jumping... leaving you, the poor mug who coughed up the dough for the opportunity, flailing around in the centre of the map taking flak from all the CPU-controlled opponents who've got the technique down to a perfectly brewed tee. And the races aren't any better either, un-make-able jumps over oblivion guaranteeing you last place every time.

It's a shame, as what initially looked promising all those months ago when we first saw it, is in fact one of the worst games on Live Arcade. Avoid.

The verdict

Leave it be! You'll use it about as much as Madden picture packs.

Xbox Live Arcade
G2 Games
Racing / Driving