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Massive Frisbee damage in Dark Sector trailer

Latest brutal footage from Digital Extremes' PS3 and 360 stealth-actioner splurges gore into our eyes

Bloody violence and torso-slicing is rife in a new gameplay trailer from Dark Sector, Digital Extremes' stealth-action game that flings you into a near future where bio-weapons have unleashed hell and havoc.

In the game, you play Hayden Tenno, a character with the ability to morph into different combat forms whose signature weapon is a massive damage Frisbee. Can it slice opponents in half? Yep. And dispatch enemies in other gruesome and imaginative ways? Oh yes. Nice. View the trailer for the full-on gore.

It looks a bit Splinter Cell mixed with Resident Evil, in our mind. We'll be bringing you more details on the game in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, enjoy the footage.

We're currently expecting Dark Sector to release at the end of the year.