GDC: Miz's Every Extend Extra Extreme XBLA revealed

Explosive PSP music-blaster officially heading for Xbox 360

As promised Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Q Entertainment have revealed their new Xbox Live Arcade Game; a new version of PSP music-blaster Every Extend Extra, that looks quite bloody gorgeous.

Every Extend Extra Extreme (or E4 for short) will be arriving later this year with 5.1 surround sound, leaderboards and full online multiplayer via Xbox Live. There's also an option to implement your own music into the game via CD, which will certainly be interesting if Q manage to pull it off properly.


As always we would've rather of had a HD version of Rez, but by the looks of the screenshots E4 has had a major 360 overhall and we reckon it'll lend itself to television play wonderfully.

You can find out if we're right tomorrow, when we'll have a full hands-on report with E4 direct from GDC. You can check out our review of the PSP game here.