Okami dev takes a pop at Twilight Princess

It just wasn't beautiful, reckons the Capcom director

Capcom's Hideki Kamiya, creator and director of the highly praised Okami on PS2, has expressed his disappointment with Nintendo's latest Zelda quest.

When asked what he thought about Twilight Princess at the recent Media Arts Festival in Japan, Kamiya commented: "To be frank, I was disappointed when I saw [Twilight Princess'] visuals," reports Joystiq.

He goes on to reason: "I'm a Zelda freak - it's no overstatement to say that I created Okami because of Zelda. I really wanted [Twilight Princess] to have that regal aura, because Zelda was what we were aspiring to. I wanted it to show me things that were surprising, but..."

We weren't disappointed with Zelda's graphical style - it looked great. We were more let down by the PAL Wii version not running in 480p like its US and Japanese counterparts. If you've played it through a component lead on a HD TV, you'll have noticed the extra blur-o-vision - which isn't present in NTSC versions.