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Gory new Dark Sector shots released

Blood, dead bodies and the glaives fire-absorbing powers in action

Dark Sector has been in the making for ages now, but it's finally nearing completion and looking pretty good, too.

In these gloomy shots you can see your character's deformed metallic arm wielding the lethal three-bladed glaive.

There's more to the glaive than a few sharp blades though, as one shot shows, it can absorb fire - by being thrown through flames - and used to incinerate enemies. We also know that throwing the glaive into electric wires charges the blade with sparks that will electrocute any enemy you throw it at.

This power-changing mechanic can also be used to complete the neat puzzles in the game, like throwing the fire-charged glaive through a stream of gas to make it explode and clear a path through the debris blocking a hallway.


Have a gander at the screens, then check out CVG's interview with the associate producer, Josh Austin, in which he talks interestingly about how he was inspired by Resident Evil 4 and, oddly, Zelda.

The game is due to release on PS3 and Xbox 360 in autumn.