Investors in GTA publisher attempt take over

Shares in Take-Two jump 18 percent on the back of news of a management coup

Investors in the GTA publisher have unveiled plans to take control of the board after the firm has been receiving flack for a string of financial irregularities, the hot coffee scandal and issues with Bully, says a US Securities and Exchange Commission.

A total of 46 percent of the company is owned by investors and they now want to appoint Strauss Zelnick (an ex suit of BMG Entertainment who previously sold its own gaming outfit to Take-Two) as non-executive chairman.

This means current chief executive Paul Eibeler could be ousted and there's potential for a review of the position of CFO Karl Winters. Nothing's been mentioned as far as the coup affecting any titles currently in development.

Take-Two or Rockstar have yet to comment on the coup. Spotted by the BBC.