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Robbie Williams leaves rehab for Xbox Live

Microsoft and ex-Take That man team up for Xbox Live media blitz

After flunking rehab in an attempt to beat his booze and drug addiction, chain-smoking popster Robbie Williams has fled to Xbox Live for safety, warmth and presumably lots of teenage girls' Microsoft points.

Thanks to collaboration between Microsoft and, Xbox Live users will be able to download a variety of Rob's latest music flicks including 'A Place To Crash', 'Lovelight', and our favourite 'She's Madonna' all in HD goodness for 280 Microsoft points.

If you absolutely must plaster his mug across your dashboard there's also a Robbie theme for 230 points, which if you're crafty like us you can use to sabotage OXM 360's foolishly laid in the open gamertags.

The man himself said of the downloads: "I love playing Xbox at home and on the road, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 kept me company through the tour!"