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PS3: Networking the Nation

Feature: Get the most out of PS3 online

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Items will cost anywhere between 50p and £20. To give you some idea, most PSone games cost about a fiver. Content already proposed includes animation gestures for MotoStorm, new chapters for GTA IV and custom decals and retro music for Ridge Racer 7.


We saved the best till last. First mooted at GDC last year's Sony's E-Distribution Initiative (EDi) will compete directly with Xbox Live and is Sony's way of delivering innovative and fresh downloadable games to the masses. Though very little has trickled out of the pipeline so far many respected developers we've spoken to have EDI games in production.

It's also a great way for small third-party developers to thrive in a big-budget industry. Big name companies already rumoured to be on board include Factor 5, Team 17 (with a Lemmings EDI title) and Sega's Sumo Digital.

Lookout for a lot more PlayStation features and reviews on CVG in the run-up to the March 23 launch

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