Resident Evil Wii "still on track" for 2007

Umbrella Chronicles still coming this year, claim internet reports

Following the announcement of its first title on the console, it turns out that Treasure Island Z won't be Capcom's Wii debut after all, as remote-enabled Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles is apparently "still on track" for release this year.

This is all according to Wired Blogs, which got word from Capcom that the Wii Resi is indeed still on for a 2007 release, as stated in the extremely short debut trailer released last year.

Not a terrible lot is known about the game at the moment, though according to Famitsu Umbrella Chronicles is comprised of 2 parts; a traditional Resident Evil single-player campaign and an arcade-like mode in which you play as different characters through sections of previous Resi games.

According to Wired Blog, Capcom will also be announcing a new title in the next few weeks. We'll see what Capcom's UK op has to say about that one, and keep our eyes peeled for you in the meantime.