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Resistance: Fall of Man

Review: PS3's first FPS sets sail

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The fact that this is a first generation PS3 game isn't an excuse for it not to blow our eyeballs inside out. If Motorstorm can look as good as it does, why can't Resistance?

Some areas of the game look more detailed than others, suggesting parts may have been rushed as PS3's US launch date loomed. Real world locations sometimes look too clean and perfectly formed for a rabid disease to have ripped through the land.

We constantly found ourselves asking why the whole game doesn't look as impressive as certain sections. Buildings, walls and objects sometimes reminded us of Lummines - clean, square and perfectly slotted next to each other.

Fall of Man is probably the game you'll buy after you've got Motorstorm (read our review of that beast here). It's a solid shooter that ticks all the boxes and is fun to play. Just don't expect it to blow you away or give you a good idea about what PS3 can do.

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The verdict

Reliable, fun and solid shooter. Nothing more than that.

  • A console shooter that works well
  • Some cool and unique weapons to play with
  • Interesting levels the deeper you dig
  • Unimpressive AI
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Lacks the visual punch you'd expect from PS3
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